1More Quad Driver Review


1More Quad Driver Review

The 1More Quad Driver is arguable one of the better wired in-ears products available by 1More. However, with its similar sound profile to the Triple driver it offers good portability, but it is not as comfortable as the 1More Triple Driver.

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So, it’s a rare person who doesn’t own a pair of headphones. Whether you’re listening to music, podcasts, audio books, or just making calls on the go, headphones or earbuds are part of our lives. For most of us, they go in our bag or pocket alongside other necessities like our wallet, keys, and phone.

The market is saturated with endless different types of headphones and earbuds, with more being released every year. Their prices range from a few dollars to costing hundreds, or even thousands.

Finding a pair that stands out can be a challenge.

However, the 1More quad driver in ear headphones certainly do just that. Boasting three balanced armature drivers and one Diamond-Like-Carbon driver, this set of headphones offers crisp sound quality, plenty of extras, solid build quality, and more.

1MORE Quad Driver in-Ear Earphones

There’s no denying that these headphones come with a higher price tag than most people prefer, but as we all know, you get what you pay for.

So, are 1More quad driver headphones worth the money? Let’s find out.

Unboxing 1More Quad Driver in Ear

These headphones retail at around $169 (prices vary). While packaging isn’t hugely important, we do expect a solid box for this kind of price point. For many products, packaging quality can be an indicator of product quality. Any seller worth their salt will put effort into their product’s packaging looking good and creating a great customer experience.

image of the 1More quad driver headphones and boxset on a table

Image Source – Image of the 1More quad driver headphones

The 1More quad driver headphones get off to a strong start. The box is well-built and sturdy. If you order online, you won’t need to worry about your product getting knocked around and damaged on its way to you.

Neatly packaged and arranged, the box itself contains more than just a set of headphones:

  • 9 different sized ear tips, both silicone and foam
  • Faux leather traveling pouch
  • 1/4 adapter
  • Airplane adapter
  • Shirt clip
  • 1 set of aluminium, ergonomically designed headphones

The aluminium casings feel solid and durable. If you’re tired of cheaper, plastic earbuds that break within a month, opting for a sturdier build of headphone is definitely the way to go. The earpieces are ergonomically designed, angled for maximum comfort and for reducing ear fatigue.

Due to the aluminium, these earphones do feel a little heavier than the standard plastic or PVC earphones. However, they are still lightweight, meaning they won’t drag on your ears or be uncomfortable to wear.

There are 9 options of ear tips, meaning that you can find the perfect fit for you. Remember, if you don’t have a set of ear tips that fit perfectly into your ear canals, the sound quality will suffer.

Everything about this set of headphones indicates that it is designed for comfort and built to last. The new and improved plug is L-shaped for extra durability. This reduces the risk of snagging and subsequent breaking of the wire. This is a common problem for wired headphones, which can lead to the dreaded “Only One Side Works” kind of broken headphones!

All in all, first impressions of the 1More quad driver in ear headphones are very good. Solid, comfortable, and high quality, they seem to deliver plenty of value for their price.

1More Quad Driver Headphones/Earbuds

Of course, there’s more to a good set of headphones than appearances. Fortunately, these headphones offer more than just silicone tips and a few extra features. 1More works with its customers in mind, meaning comfort is considered along with style, ergonomics, build, and sound quality.

image of the components 1More Quad Driver in details

Image Source – Image of the 1More quad driver components

Build Quality and comfort

Many a decent pair of earbuds falls short due to poorly designed ear tips. Silicone tips are standard in most models, but foam tips tend to offer more comfort. However, if the tips are too short or small to create a proper seal in the ear canal, sound quality will suffer. The earbuds will also feel uncomfortable and they may tend to fall out.

It’s important to wear the correct size of earbud tip. If you wear tips that are too large and small (earbuds for small ears), sound quality will suffer and your ears may quickly become sore. If the problem continues, you may not be able to stand wearing your earpieces for very long.

With the 9 different options, you can easily find a size of earbud tips to suit you. Aside from improving the sound, this will also help with noise isolation. A properly sized ear tip will create a seal in your ear, blocking out background noise and raising the quality of your listening sessions.

The Kevlar core cable is designed for durability. Often, the headphone cable is the weakest part of the headphones. It can get caught and damaged easily, so it’s important to have a solid cord that can stand up to a few tugs. The copper wire used inside the cable ensures you’re getting the best audio quality. The cable is tangle resistant, but not tangle free! Keeping the headphones in the travel pouch when you’re not using them, especially when you’re on the go, will stop your headphone cable from tangling itself into impossible knots.


There’s no denying that the 1More quad driver headphones look good. Sleek and streamlined, the silver aluminium casing gives the look and feel of quality and durability. For the discerning headphone user, style and quality are inseparable.

The matching faux-leather travel pouch is also an impressive addition. Understated and stylish, it underscores what we already know about these headphones – they’re designed to travel with you. From the shirt clip to the airplane adapter, everything about these headphones makes them easy to scoop up and take along with you. Light and portable, just about everything you’ll need for these headphones can be stored in the pouch. If you are travelling, you’ll only need to find space for one small travel pouch in your suitcase. Better yet, it can even fit in your pocket.

App Support

These headphones are compatible with just about any device you can throw at them, Apple and Android included. Most of us like to download a separate app to help regulate our devices, and 1More quad driver headphones offers the 1More Assistant app.

The app includes one key Bluetooth connection, 1More music controls, smart burn in, and of course, access to the official store.

However, some users have reported difficulties with connectivity and user intuition. That might be something to bear in mind when considering downloading the app, especially if you’re using wired 1More headphones.


Wireless earphones are quickly gaining popularity. Investing in a wired pair such as the 1More quad driver headphones may seem like a step backwards. However, one huge advantage a pair of wired headphones has over wireless (whether they’re true wireless or not) is that wired headphones don’t need charging.

Also, they’re more difficult to lose!

Regardless of how long you’ve been using these headphones or how long you plan to use them, there’s no need to worry about charging and battery life. Once you plug in these headphones, they’re ready to go for as long as you are.


With their adjustable ear tips, there are few headphones on the market that can beat 1More quad driver headphones for comfort and security.

On top of physical stability, these headphones offer stable, balanced sound. The point of a quad driver is to provide the best audio quality, and the copper wire in the cable also ensures you’re getting a crisp, steady stream of sound.


The remote is situated on the cable, offering all of the usual controls: volume change, music track skip, play/pause, as well as making phone calls. The MEMS microphone allows for good talk quality. Once again, we’re reminded that these headphones are perfect for a busy person on the go.


While the perfect in-ear seal gives the best audio quality, over time this can cause our ears to overheat and become uncomfortable. Fortunately, the 1More quad driver earphones are lightweight and breathable. Of course, wearing any kind of headphones for extended periods of time could cause a little sweating and discomfort, but this should be negligible. Even if you wear these headphones during a workout session, you should be able to stay comfortable for the whole time.

Another important consideration for earphone users is that of ear fatigue. Wearing headphones of any kind, whether they’re over-ear or in-ear, can strain your ears over time. Cheap earbuds with poor ergonomic design can cause your ears to overheat, and if you wear them for too long you may even experience pain and soreness. You can reduce your changes of getting ear fatigue by choosing good quality ear tips and wearing the correct size of ear tip. Foam tips are generally thought to be more comfortable than silicone, but with 1More quad driver headphones’ selection of ear tips, you can decide for yourself which kind of ear tips suit you best.

Sound Quality

Providing good sound quality is what 1More do best. Here, the quad driver part of these headphones really shines. The Mylar diaphragm deals with low and mid-range sound, there are two armatures for high sounds, and a third armature designed to deal with ultra-high frequencies. Combined, these four drivers perfectly convey top quality sound right into your ears. This means that you won’t have to deal with the dreaded “tinny” sound that you might notice in cheaper headphones.


All in all, the 1More quad driver in-ear headphones offer great value for their price. Style, comfort, practicality, and quality all combine to promise a perfect listening experience for any audiophile. The quad drivers offers the best sound quality a set of headphones can manage. Ideal for someone who’s always on the go, they’re stylish and practical without compromising on good audio quality.

While the price is a little higher than some other headphone models, you can rest assured that you’re getting plenty of bang for your buck.

Best Features Overall

The key selling point of these headphones are definitely their four sound drivers. Not all earphones are equal, and price isn’t necessarily a guarantee of good audio quality. Aside from the quad drivers, all 1More headphones are ergonomically designed. This means that the earpieces and ear tips are angled and shaped to achieve the best noise isolation, as well as sitting as comfortably as possible in your ears. Add this to the great selection of ear tips available, and you can make sure your earbuds fit perfectly in your ears – providing the perfect sounds.

1More Quad Driver FAQs

Is 1More a good brand?

1More are an emerging brand with a good reputation. They aim to combine quality, comfort, and innovation (with a healthy dose of style!) to provide a top quality audio experience. While we’ve only reviewed the 1More quad driver headphones, they also provide a variety of headphone styles. This includes the lower-priced triple or double driver earphones, wireless earphones, and beautiful pairs of classic over-ear headphones. Prices vary on these models, meaning you don’t have to break the bank to get a pair of good-quality 1More headphones.

Their focus is on innovation and customer satisfaction. While some of their top models might be a little expensive for the average consumer, you can expect top quality sound and ergonomic design in any set of 1More headphones.

Do more drivers mean better sound?

Creating great headphone sound takes more than just shoving the largest drivers possible into a set of headphones. Larger drivers will likely create a better bass sound, but this can mean that higher frequency sounds suffer. Quality is key. More well-made drivers will create better sound than a couple of larger but poorer quality drivers.

Where is 1More from?

1More is a small, San Diego based company, rapidly growing in size and reputation. They are also beginning to partner with larger innovative companies.

Their aim is to provide good quality innovation without unnecessary price hiking, so that all music lovers can hear music the way it’s supposed to be heard. This means no tinny sound quality and no distracting background noise!

Are dual driver earphones better?

Absolutely, presuming that the drivers are well-made and the earphones themselves are good quality. This is because dual drivers are able produce better sound quality. Simply put, a driver is like a tiny speaker in your earpiece. A dual driver has two speakers in each earpiece.

This means that instead of one speaker, or driver, handling all of the sound, the audio is split. One driver handles bass and the other driver handles mid and high frequencies. This is perfect for good sound quality, since the music and audio we listen to comes in a wide array of frequencies. Assuming the drivers are well made, more drivers means better quality of sound. Triple drivers or quad drivers are available, each offering better and better audio quality.


Finding a good set of headphones should be more than just trial and error. 1More quad driver in ear headphones may be a little expensive, but they offer sufficient build quality, audio quality, and extra features to make the price tag worth it. You don’t have to be a sound engineer to enjoy good quality audio – or recognize bad quality.

Buying cheap headphones isn’t worth it in the long run. Cheap earphones are easy to pick up, but they don’t last long, to say nothing of suffering through poor quality audio.

Paying a little bit more for much better quality earphones is an investment in the future.

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Rose loves to review products and has been doing so for years. Now she focuses on headphones and tech products.

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