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Hello and thank you for checking out Headphone Comparison! Before we speak about ourselves we would like to salute you, the reader, for making a conscious effort to dig through the thin layered reviews which are so widespread across the internet, and finding a website that truly cares about giving you a well-rounded 360 degrees angle on headphones, earphones and earbuds.

We are an experienced team of comparison professionals who have been creating websites whose sole purpose is to compare between products and services for many years now. We have, collectively, compared more than 100,000 different products and helped millions of customers discover more about the product they intend buying (or service they intend using).

Our moto is clear – we are all about transparency. That is why it is important to repeat the information which is readily available on our affiliate disclosure – we get compensation when you buy products through our referral, as simple as that. This is the way the vast majority of comparison sites earn money and there is absolutely nothing shady about it. Since we have partnered up with Amazon and we refer clients there, it means we have the biggest selection of headphones to choose from, and hence – our choices are impartial, we would get commission regardless of which headphones we recommend buying.

It is also important to be transparent about the way in which we collate information. As much as we would love to have enough budget and manpower to test each of the headphones mentioned on Headphone Comparison (or, on the entire market) – we don’t have that sort of capacity unfortunately. We first handedly review some of the headphones, earphones and earbuds reviewed and compared on Headphone Comparison, and we research other products. What does this research entails exactly? where you could read about how we compare headphones, and understand exactly what kind of information we are looking for and how do we treat it.

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