Best Bluetooth Headset For Truckers in 2021


Best Bluetooth Headset For Truckers in 2021

Are you a truck driver wondering what are the best Bluetooth headset for on the road? During our search for the best Bluetooth headset for truckers, we took the time to compile a list of some of our favorites.

We paid close attention to a handful of factors when looking for the best wireless headsets for truckers, the factors included a combination of important features such as battery life, range and overall build quality. We also made sure to keep a close eye on user reviews and overall market optimism with each headset. Namely because we’re hyper-aware that our experiences might not be shared by everyone at large.

Editor’s Quick note: Our review guide to choosing the “Best Bluetooth Headset For Truckers” was updated on May 5, 2021.

If you’re uninterested in picking from our list, we’ve also taken the liberty of compiling our own selection criteria at the bottom of this article. You can use this to aid you when shopping around for any headset – both online and in person.

7 Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers Whilst Driving

#1 – BlueParrott B450-XT (Overall winner)

This is an image of the BlueParrott B450-XT noise cancelling bluetooth headset in black color

If you’re looking for a the best Bluetooth trucker headset with microphone functionality, this is probably your best choice.


  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • Range: 300ft
  • Enclosure: mono, over-ear.
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Noise Cancelling: Yes
  • Charging: Fast
  • Mic and Controls: High quality HD Mic, Programmable Controls
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Colors: Black
  • Waterproof: No
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Battery time: 24 hours Talk Time
  • Price: Under 160$ although prices vary on Amazon (buy link) – Last Checked May 5, 2021

Our take: If you’re looking for a mono headset because you value high quality and effective communication, then you’re in luck. This headset is built from the ground up to remain comfortable no matter how long you’re wearing it for. This is complimented nicely by the massive 24 hour talk time the batteries net you – you’re unlikely to ever encounter issues with power, provided you charge your headset every couple of days.

The foam microphone windscreen is small enough to not get in the way, but big enough to effectively cut out unneeded hiss when you’re communicating with others.


  • Incredible Battery Life
  • Unbeatable Range
  • Highly Ergonomic / Comfortable
  • Great Audio Quality
  • Great Microphone Quality


  • Older Bluetooth Version (4.0)
  • Over Ear Design Can Feel Pretty Bulky At Times
  • Very Loud At 100% Volume (We recommend 50% or lower)

Our Rating:

8.5 / 10

An excellent blend of high quality components and ergonomic design make this a must-have headset for truckers. It’s easy to overlook the older Bluetooth version (4.0) when the benefits so dramatically outweigh the downsides.


#2 – Plantronics Voyager 5200 (Runner-up)

close up view of the Plantronics Voyager 5200 bluetooth headset with charging case- grey

An excellent in-ear Bluetooth headset for truck drivers.


  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • Range: 98ft
  • Enclosure: mono, in ear.
  • Wireless: Fully
  • Noise Canceling: 4-Layer Technology
  • Charging: Fast
  • Mic and Controls: High Quality HD Mic, Touch Controls
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Colors: Black And Grey
  • Waterproof: No
  • Weight: 7 ounces
  • Battery time: 7 Hours Of Talk Time (Standby: 9 days)
  • Price: Under 160$ although prices vary on Amazon (buy link) – Last Checked May 5, 2021

Our take: Whilst the Plantronics Voyager 5200 doesn’t quite boast the same range and battery life as the BlueParrott B450-XT, the differences are unlikely to make a difference if you’re using either of them exclusively in your vehicle during work hours.

The in-ear design is a lot less bulky than the over-ear alternative.

The Voyager also boasts pretty solid voice recognition, granting you access to voice assistants when you’re on the move. This is particularly handy for accessing directions on the fly.

You can even use the hd microphone to direct phone calls by stating “answer” or “ignore” in response to calls. Your headset will even read out the ID/Number of a caller to you if the setting is enabled.


  • Smaller, Less Bulky Design
  • High Quality Microphone
  • Compatible With Voice Assistants


  • Charging Port Can Be Awkward
  • Noise Cancellation Is Fairly Basic

Our Rating:

8.3 / 10

Comfortable, lightweight and reliable with full voice control implementation. 


#3 – Jabra Evolve2 65

The best Bluetooth headset for truckers with some extra cash to spare.

image of the Jabra Evolve2 65 UC wireless headset with flip-up mic- black


  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Range: 20-100ft
  • Enclosure: Mono, over-ear.
  • Wireless: Fully
  • Noise Canceling: Yes
  • Charging: 15 Minute Charge = 8 hours of use.
  • Mic and Controls: Isolating HD Mic, Touch Controls
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Colors: Black
  • Waterproof: No
  • Weight: 12.6 ounces
  • Battery time: 37 hours
  • Price: Under 240$ although prices vary on Amazon (buy link) – Last Checked May 5, 2021

Our take: This is by far the most modern headset on our list. If you have the cash to spare, they’re absolutely worth the higher price point. Highly ergonomically designed with acoustic noise cancellation in mind. The memory foam over-ear pads are comfortable and can knock away about 48% more of ambient noise.

The microphone is great too. With 3 separate directional mics, your headset can isolate just your voice and filter out about 23% of all background noise.


  • Ergonomic use of memory foam
  • Unbeatable sound quality
  • Excellent mic quality
  • 37 hours of talk time


  • Boom mic is a little bit short
  • Range doesn’t perform as well as advertised.
  • Expensive

Our Rating:

8.0 / 10

Highly ergonomic design, crystal clear phone calls and long battery life make this an excellent choice for truckers. The range isn’t as good as advertised, but this won’t affect you if you’re confined to a truck cab.


#4 – ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth Earpiece (Cheapest Option)

An excellent budget Bluetooth headset for truckers looking for an in-ear design.

close up image of the ICOMTOFIT wireless bluetooth headset with charger case- Grey


  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Range: 33ft
  • Enclosure: mono, in-ear.
  • Wireless: Fully
  • Noise Cancelling: 4X Noise Cancellation
  • USB Charging: 1.5 hour charge time.
  • Mic and Controls: HD Mic, Touch/Volume Controls Near Ear.
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Colors: Dark Gray
  • Waterproof: No
  • Weight: 0.5 ounces
  • Battery time: 10 hours of talk time
  • Price: Under 50$ although prices vary on Amazon (buy link) – Last Checked May 5, 2021

Our take: If you’re looking for a Bluetooth earpiece but you’re not planning on breaking the bank, the ICOMTOFIT wireless headset is a great choice. Despite it’s low pricing point, it features Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Allowing the headset to boast a modest 33ft of range and 10 hours of active use.

The integrated HD microphone provides you with sharp audio input and pairs well with the native CVC6.0 method of noise cancellation. Allowing you focus directly on your audio without distractions.

The adjustable earpiece can be flipped and used ambidextrously (on either side of the body). This means you’ll be able to direct phone calls or engage with your voice assistant using your dominant hand, whatever hand that happens to be.


  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Reliable
  • Full voice assistant for directing phone calls (callerID)
  • Lightweight and sleek


  • Somewhat awkward for users with smaller ears

Our Rating:

7.5 / 10

An excellent budget buy. The reduced price hasn’t resulted in poorer call quality or the abandonment of important features such as the novel ambient noise reduction technology that can be found in this headset.


#5 – Sennheiser Presence Grey UC

A Bluetooth headset for truckers and businessmen alike with unbeatable noise cancellation and a high quality boom mic.

This is an image of the Sennheiser Presence Grey UC Bluetooth headset with usb dongle


  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Range: 82ft
  • Enclosure: In-ear/mono.
  • Wireless: Fully
  • Noise Canceling: Active
  • Charging: Generic
  • Mic and Controls: High Quality Mic, Touch Controls
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Colors: Black And Grey
  • Waterproof: No
  • Weight: 0.46 ounces.
  • Battery time: 10 hours active use.
  • Price: Under 200$ although prices vary on Amazon (buy link) – Last Checked May 5, 2021

Our take: You’d be forgiven for thinking Sennheiser’s headset was an old relic from the early days of Bluetooth. It certainly employs an older design aesthetic and is likely to turn some heads if you’re wearing it on a busy street.

But don’t be fooled by the aesthetic. This is a modern Bluetooth headset with an incredible ability to intelligently filter out background noise during your conversations. You can conduct calls to other cell phones from your truck cab and people will have a hard time believe you’re even out on the road.

The sound quality is also similarly impressive, with the presence of a patented hearing protection mechanism found in the headset too.


  • Highest rated noise cancellation technology
  • Incredible Microphone Quality
  • Incredible Sound Quality
  • Integrated Wind Protection
  • Integrated Hearing Protection


  • Old-school aesthetic isn’t to everyone’s taste.

Our Rating:

7 / 10

Great headsets for truck drivers, businessmen, call center employees or anyone who finds themselves in need of a good headset for long hours.


#6 – Plantronics Voyager 5200

A stylish piece of Bluetooth for truckers. With novel noise cancelling mic technology and overall great sound.

close up view of the Plantronics - Voyager 5200 bluetooth headset with charging case and usb dongle- black


  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Range: 98ft
  • Enclosure: over-ear/mono
  • Wireless: fully
  • Noise Canceling: yes
  • Charging: 15 minute charge = 12 hours active use.
  • Mic and Controls: Triple Mic DSP/Windproof. Touch Control.
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Colors: black/red
  • Waterproof: no
  • Weight: 0.6 ounces
  • Battery time: 7 hours active use.
  • Price: Under $200 although prices vary on Amazon (buy link) – Last Checked May 5, 2021

Our take: The Plantronics voyager 5200 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy something mid-market. It’s modestly priced, can be charged fairly quickly and has its own unique technological solutions to pesky issues such as background noise/wind.

An ergonomic design philosophy was used when constructing this device. You can definitely tell as you’re unlikely to encounter any chaffing or soreness even after hours of continuous use. Whether you’re a truck driver or a full time consultant, this headset will likely see you through all of your most important communications.


  • Fairly universally compatible
  • Stylish Design
  • Highly Comfortable


  • Bluetooth Adapter Is Somewhat Clunky

Our Rating:

6 / 10

Among the best Bluetooth headsets for truckers. With a respectable battery life, solid audio quality and all the features you’d come to expect from a mid-market product like this.


#7 – New Bee Blutooth Earpiece V5.0

Pretty much as cheap as it gets when it comes to Bluetooth headsets for truckers.

image of the New bee Bluetooth Earpiece V5.0 wireless handsfree headset in black color


  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Range: 49ft
  • Enclosure: Over-ear/mono
  • Wireless: Fully
  • Noise Canceling: None
  • Charging: 2-3 hours of charge time.
  • Mic and Controls: Generic Mic, Generic Touch Controls
  • Transducer: Dynamic
  • Colors: Choice (Black, Silver or Gold).
  • Waterproof: No
  • Weight: 3.5 ounces
  • Battery time: 24 hours of active use.
  • Price: Under $20 although prices vary on Amazon (buy link) – Last Checked May 5, 2021

Our take: You get more than what you pay for with these budget Bluetooth headphones for truck drivers. You’ll seldom see them priced at over 20 dollars, but you can expect more than 20 hours of active use before you need to think about a recharge. If we were comparing Bluetooth headsets on price alone, these would definitely be ranked higher.

With that in mind though, some corners have been cut to justify the cost. There’s currently no noise canceling implementation here. The case design looks somewhat cheap too. If you can live with that though, these are worth it.


  • Ridiculously cheap
  • Solid battery life


  • Cheap looking case
  • No noise canceling.

Our Rating:

5 / 10

Product reviews are generally favorable for this headset. Whilst it might not be the best trucker headset in the world, it’s definitely worth scoping up a model to use as a back-up. Or to tide you over until you can afford more expensive trucker headsets for cell phones.

Considerations Choosing the Best Truck Driver Headphones

Battery Life

Battery life is a mildly important feature. If you’re operating a truck, you’re going to have access to power constantly – so you don’t need to worry about large, heavy batteries. But, it is still convenient to have a headset that will last the duration of a day out on the road. For this reason we recommend sticking to headsets with a minimum of 7 hours of battery life.

Active Noise Cancellation

If you’re rocking a mono headset, you’re going to have to deal with background noise. But you shouldn’t have to deal with ambient noise in the ear that you’ve designated for communicating. Whilst it’s not vital, any additional noise cancellation earbuds/headphone features over and above the regular acoustic soundproofing might be worth considering. Just be wary – these features often drain battery life quicker.


When you’re out on the road, you want to completely eliminate any time spent messing around with controls. This is why most headsets will either feature touch controls or voice control.

Headsets like the BlueParrott B550 XT have a customizable button (the Parrott button) where you can pre-designated a function for the button in the partner app. They also have features like voice control pro. These features allow you to issue voice commands directly to your headset in order to direct calls or speak with voice assistants.


voice-call quality should be the number one priority when you’re looking for a wireless headset for truck drivers. The quickest way to ascertain the quality of a mic is to simply check the customers reviews. If a product is in circulation with poor call quality then it’ll likely be getting pummeled in user reviews.

Another way to check microphone quality is to search for the name of your product on YouTube + “call quality” or “call simulation”. There are thousands of YouTube channels dedicated to testing out these products so you don’t have to.

Cabled Backup

Cabled back ups are sometimes available for your truck driver headset. This simply when an input is available that’ll allow you to plug in/power your headset directly, rather than sync over Bluetooth and use up battery.

It’s a handy feature to have, but it’s honestly not that vital. It definitely shouldn’t be enough to move the needle on your purchasing decision. It’s a cool bonus to have if you happen to snag a headset with one though.

Comfortable Fit

Ergonomics and comfort are another one of the vital features to look out for when you’re shopping around. There’s nothing worse than rocking a new headset for a day only to discover the headband is irritating your scalp and the earpiece is causing stiffness/pain in your ear.

Pay close attention to how heavily emphasized the ergonomics of your trucker headset are. Key words to look out for include “all day use” and “every day use”. Taking a quick peak at customer reviews will also immediately highlight any problems regarding comfort people may be having.

Sound Quality

This is one of your most important priorities when purchasing a truck driver headset. It’s also the trickiest to ascertain beforehand. If you’re in a brick and mortar store, you can always ask for a demo of your headset to see how good the audio quality is.

But if you’re shopping online, you’re effectively constrained to user reviews. If you’re looking for the most honest reviews, I find that reviews that sit in the 3-star range (3/5) tend to be the most honest. They’ll praise a product for its strengths and wont shy away from highlighting weaknesses.

Water Resistance

Driving conditions aren’t likely to affect you from inside your truck cab. So we don’t really consider water resistance to be an important feature. Lower levels of water resistance might be handy for resisting degradation from sweat – but you’re unlikely to need anything more comprehensive than that.

Here is our guide to the best waterproof Bluetooth headset, if this interests you still.

Build Quality

Most of the time, build quality speaks for itself. You can often spot poor construction from a mile away, even in fairly favorable product photos. If you’re still not satisfied, a quick google search of the headset in question will very quickly reveal if a product is prone to breaking after some moderate use.

Truckers Headsets FAQs

Can Truck drivers wear headphones?

Generally speaking, yes, this is allowed (Vehicle Code 27400 VC – Headsets or Earphones While Driving). However, depending on your location, there may be laws prohibiting against vehicle operation when using headphones/earbuds that cover both ears. This is why most Bluetooth headsets for truck drivers tend to employ a mono headset design (meaning they only ever cover one ear).

This is purely due to the dangers of completely eliminating all peripheral audio. Your hearing is an important sense when it comes to risk aversion.

More information on forum on whether you can drive with earbuds/headphones on.

Why do truckers wear headsets?

There are a few important reasons why you’ll normally see a trucker wearing a headset. For one, headsets allow truckers to stay in constant contact with fleet management. This allows headquarters to give orders and advice directly to truckers whilst their on the move.

Headsets can also be used for weather notifications, contacting family members on longer haul drives and are generally just handy for fighting off boredom.

Can you get pulled over for wearing headphones?

You can get pulled over for just about anything and it is worth knowing the motor laws while wearing headphones. It wouldn’t be unrealistic to expect an occasional question about your headphones if it appears to be covering both ears or impairing your awareness of the road. With that in mind, practically speaking I don’t think it’s particularly common for truckers to be pulled over for that reason alone.

What is the best hands free Bluetooth headset?

This depends on what you intend on using it for. The best Bluetooth earpiece for making calls on the fly isn’t necessarily going to be the best headset for listening to podcasts/enjoying music. Similarly, truck drivers headsets are going to have completely different requirements for range/ambient noise removal than a headset for someone working in a busy warehouse.

What is the best headset for a truck driver?

Our top recommendation would be the BlueParrott B450 XT. This is an ideal truck drivers headset because it features good mic/audio quality alongside a highly ergonomic design and solid battery life/range.


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Rose loves to review products and has been doing so for years. Now she focuses on headphones and tech products.

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